After-sales Service

We believe in delivering a level of service that wows customers and partners alike. That’s why our support doesn’t end when a sale is closed – it only just begins.

After every sale, our dedicated service team keeps partners up to date on market changes with regular business reviews, monthly reports and an open line of communication.

Our after-sales services include:

Regular Business Reviews
and Monthly Reports

We use a structured tracking system – with monthly reports that update partners on all the latest happenings – to keep abreast of progress and steer us towards a steady growth in market share.

Product Training

To ensure our customers, equipment designers and technicians understand every detail of your products and their applications, we conduct professional product training sessions and workshops for them.

Technical Consultancy
and Advice

We are familiar with your customers’ need for specialised technical recommendations. For example, our team has the expertise to advise customers on which product is the most cost-effective choice for optimising equipment efficiency, prolonging the lifespan of specific equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

Product Advice
and Education

Do your customers require technical support and product advice? We have the capabilities to support them with timely, reliable and accurate advice – so you won’t have to.